The 267 area code covers the southeast corner of Pennsylvania, and is almost entirely occupied by Philadelphia. It was created in 1997, and is an overlay area code serving the same area as 215.

267 Demographics

The 267 area code, which is mostly occupied by Philadelphia, is very demographically diverse. With over 1.5 million people, diversity in virtually any category you can think of is guaranteed. For example, the population of the 267 area code is 44% African-American, which is the largest single racial group in the area, by population. It is about 39% white, and the rest of the population is represented by ethnicities and nationalities from every corner of the globe. The legal community of the 267 area code reflects this diversity, and has lawyers from virtually any background you could think of, meaning that clients have many options when it comes to choosing a lawyer who they can easily identify with, if thatís an important factor in choosing a 267 lawyer.


Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania, and the 6th largest city in the U.S., with a population of over 1.54 million people. Philadelphia is served by the 267 area code.

Philadelphia has played an instrumental role in American history, being a major center of activity during the Revolutionary War, and serving as the first capital of the United States.

Currently, the economy of the 267 area code is very diverse, with manufacturing, food processing, healthcare, oil refining, financial services, and legal services being leading industries. As in any business-heavy economy, there are plenty of lawyers in 267 who try to ensure that business deals go smoothly, and that legal wrongs are righted.

The 267 area is also known for innovation. In the 20th Century, many retail stores (some of which went on to become national chains) set up shop in the area, taking advantage of the influx of affordable mass-produced goods that the industrial revolution created. They experimented with novel business models, many of which are now standard. Lawyers likely played a large role in developing, and protecting, these new business models, allowing them to become successful.

The 267 area is home to several American "firsts" including the first advertising agency, university, cancer hospital, zoo, and bank, among many others. From its foundation, Philadelphia and the 267 area code have been major centers for the practice of law, as well, with thousands of lawyers actively practicing in the area. Many Pennsylvania lawyers are members of the Philadelphia Bar Association.

Neighborhoods in the 267 Area Code

Philadelphia, and the 267 area code, are divided into several distinct neighborhoods, each of them having their own unique character. Among many others, they include University City, Chestnut Hill, Brewerytown, Olney, and Kensington.

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